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Welcome to the Lebanon Water Festival 2019 Underwater Target Shooting Pool Competition.    For this 8th edition, LEBWF  launched a new discipline, where precision will be the key. Under the supervision of CMAS trained Lebanese judges. The rules and regulations will be the international CMAS regulations. The event takes place in a semi-olympic pool.


  1. Must register before September 28th, 2019
  2. Must be over 16 years of age


Technical meeting

Attendance at the technical meeting will be on site on Sunday 13th  October

If we decide it is safer to have a technical meeting prior to the event date we will inform you upon registration.




Sunday 13th October, 2019
8:30 am: Meeting on site.  Late arrival is an immediate disqualification.

10:00 am: Official Starts
01:00 pm: Contest End
02:00 pm: Participants Lunch
4:00 pm: Award Ceremony


In order to register to the contest, please read the file:///C:/Users/User/Downloads/004825-1-Precision_Shooting_International_Rules_ENG%20(1).pdf, and fill in the registration form below. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with all further details. If you have any further questions, kindly contact Mrs Annette Khoury: +961 03 940990 or send an email to lebanonwaterfestival@gmail.com.

Please note that registration must be done in advance in order to confirm your attendance.

Registration Form

Please send email to:  lebanonwaterfestival@gmail.com 

event name


Family Name

Date of Birth

I confirm I am above 16 years of age

Mobile number

Telephone number

Emergency contact name

Emergency phone number

Email - Please use a valid email to receive registration confirmation and payment details

Name of your health insurance

Policy Number

I will attend the mandatory technical meeting prior to the target shooting competition

I confirm I have a free diving license and will email to lebanonwaterfestival@gmail.com

- Do you have a Lebanon Water Festival membership card?

payment of $20 dollars for participation and, if needed $10 for Lebanon Water Festival membership card

- Do you have your own spear gun?

- Do you need to reserve one?

- I have read all the material, + rules and regulations?

- I have filled the Medical Statement Form signed by my doctor?

- I have signed the Liability release & assumption of risk form?

I agree that Lebanon Water Festival organization and entity do not bear liability in case of accident. I confirm that I have a valid medical insurance and that safety measures are to be respected at all times