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History of Lebanon Water Festival

Started in 2012, the Lebanon Water Festival prompted the reemergence of water sports along Lebanon’s Mediterranean Sea coast. A favorite place among Lebanese and foreigners alike; the Lebanon Water Festival was initiated to promote and revive this glorious coastline.

The Lebanon Water Festival is making learning and participating in water sport activities accessible to all by developing a self-sustaining infrastructure that will help promote Lebanon’s tourism industry as a watersport destination vacation spot.

Surfing, Stand up Paddle, Apnea diving, underwater photography, sailing and water skiing are some of the core activities that attract avid international athletes and visitors interested in athletic tourism.  Lebanon Water Festival travels up and down the Lebanese coast for two months working with Municipalities and locals to structure the cost and fight solution in the sea.

Over the past 6 years the Lebanon Water Festival has helped structure various locations along the coast, from Halat sailing school, to Batroun sailing school, Tripoli saying school, Byblos stand up and surf school, heavily involved in structuring Apnea diving and providing support for underwater dive photography.

Equally, The Lebanon Water Festival uses sport as a platform to bring awareness to the issues of water and trash pollution and promote proactive environmental protection responses.

Lebanon Water Festival has helped raise awareness and build tourism for locations such as Tyr, and Enfeh where as the cities have seen an increase over 300% in visitors and investments since we started in 2012.

We continue our fight to work with Municipalities to fight sea solution and are always looking for new partnerships to raise awareness about sea solution and finding measures to solve the issus the country is facing.

Winners from each event:


Kiteboarding  Competition


Surfing Competition


SUP Competition

SUP Race Contestants

SUP Race Contestants

Winners of SUR and SUP

Winners of SURF and SUP








SUP: Nabil 1st place, Travis 2nd place, Kevin 3rd place

APNEA Competition 


Underwater Photography 


Sailing Regatta 

1st place Pico: Omar Kawaj – ATCL Club                                                  1st place Laser: Emile Hanna – ATCL club

1st Place Pico: Abdallah Khalil – Aquamarina club                                      2nd place Laser: Michael Sammarani- ATCL club

2nd place Pico: Lia Saroufim – ATCL club                                                 3rd place Laser: Hassan Laham – Aquamarina club

3rd  place Pico: Philip Saroufim – ATCL Club