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2014 Coverage

Tyre Water-skiers Brave  Rough Waters for ShowThe Daily Star

BEIRUT: The Lebanon Water Festival’s annual waterski show took place over the weekend in Tyre, with the Cypress Garden Ski Team performing two shows despite rough seas.

Divers Vie for Best Photo of the Ancient Submerged CityThe Daily Star

TYRE, Lebanon: Divers showed off their photography skills while exploring a submerged ancient Phoenician city at the second annual International Underwater Photography Contest in Tyre.

Our Society: From the Depths of Our Sea Al Nahar Newspaper

Focus – المهرجاناللبنانيالمائييستقطبالشبابجمعفيسنتهالاولى 20 ألفمتفرج– An Nahar Newspaper

Lebanon Water Festival International Jet Ski Race at Hayali Bay,

The Lebanon Water Festival hosted the International Jet Ski Race on Saturday, August 30th at Hayali Bay. The race was scheduled for earlier this month, but had to be postponed due to high waves and wind conditions.  The sea was calm which allowed for a smooth ride for all racers.

Lebanese, Jordanian Adolescents Set Sail in Halat RegattaThe Daily Star

BEIRUT: A crew of young sailors got to show off their newly learned skills Monday at a sailing regatta in Halat, north of Jounieh, for adolescents under 14 years old.

Lebanon Water Festival’s Jet Ski Race Sorts the Men from the BuoysThe Daily Star

JOUNIEH, Lebanon: Those who associate Jet Skiing with the adrenaline junkies who zip perilously along the country’s crowded beaches got a more sophisticated view of the sport over the weekend, during the Lebanon Water Festival’s Jet Ski race.

Lebanon Water Festival Stand Up Paddle Board Race–

Le Liban, nouveau terrain de jeu pour les pas seulementLe

Pendant que les meilleurs surfeurs de la planète attendent de meilleures conditions pour s’affronter sur la vague mythique de Teahupoo, à Tahiti, en espérant mettre une option sur le titre mondial, Libres glisses découvre des spots moins connus dans un pays qui s’ouvre aux plaisir des sports de glisse, et aquatiques en général.

Kite boarding Competition Postponed Due to Bad ConditionsThe Daily Star

BEIRUT: Lebanon Water Festival has postponed its kiteboarding race, which was scheduled to take place Sunday in Ras Maska, Tripoli.

Lebanon Water Festival:  Lebanon Traveler

For the third time, Lebanon Water Festival is taking place along Lebanon’s coast. On August 9, the competitions kick off, with the first one being a Jet Ski competition in Dbayeh, and go until the end of September. Meanwhile, lessons in water sports such as kite boarding, diving, underwater photography and sailing, will begin on the same day. –

Surf et Detent Sur La Plage de Jiyeh L’Orient Le Jour


Regardez ces vagues, c’est incroyable ! » Annette Khoury, l’une des organisatrices du Lebanon Water Festival, tenait cette année à offrir les meilleures conditions possibles aux participants de la compétition de surf, après une édition 2013 au cours de laquelle ils avaient été déçus par la qualité des vagues.

Farhat Vainquer du 5k Stand Up Paddle du Lebanon Water Festival L’Orient Le Jour

L’organisation Lebanon Water Festival a organisé ce week-end une course individuelle de planche à rames, discipline mieux connue sous le nom de « Stand Up Paddle », sur les rives de Beyrouth.

Lebanon Water Festival hosts its first sporting event in the capitalThe Daily Star

BEIRUT: Organizers announced the winners of Lebanon Water Festival’s stand-up paddle competition Monday, after 20 surfers competed in the race over the weekend. It was the first time the festival included a competition in Beirut.

A Wealth of Water Sports, North to South The Daily Star

BEIRUT: Someplaces, whether one has been there or not, naturally lead the mind to images of wetsuits and waves: think southern California, for example, the Hawaiian Islands or the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Annette Khoury, co-founder of Lebanon Water Festival, and her team created an eight-week series of aquatic events up and down the country’s coastline in hopes that one day these places will likewise be synonymous with their water sport culture – surfing in Jiyyeh, diving in Tyre, sailing in Halat.

Lebanon to Launch Third Water Festival  – The Daily Star

BEIRUT: The Tourism Ministry has announced a third season of the Lebanese Water Festival, an eight-week series of activities and seaside shows highlighting the country’s wealth of water sports, starting Thursday.

Prime Time NewsMTV

The Lebanon Water Festival press conference was covered by MTV. To watch the footage, fast forward to 47:10 in the video.

Le Lebanon Water Festival, une volonté de structurer les sports aquatiques sur la cote  – L’Orient Le Jour

Désormais, en tant que libanais, nous ne sommes plus obligés d’avoir honte quand des sportifs étrangers veulent accéder à des infrastructures de qualité dans le pays. » Annette Khoury est très fière du parcours accompli depuis la création du Lebanon Water Festival en 2012.

Lebanon Water Festival 2014 Edition: Blog Baladi

Lebanon Water Festival: Une Dynamique Toujours RenouveleeL’Hebdo Magazine

Ces deux dernières années, le Lebanon Water Festival a rassemblé près de 20 000 spectateurs sur la belle côte libanaise.


The Lebanon Water Festival for the year 2014 will take place between August and September and is open to everyone.

Third Edition of the Lebanon Water Festival : Executive Magazine

On the tenth of August, 2014, the Lebanon Water Festival will ride the waves into its third edition of the festival. This year’s festival was extended to include even more events. We will travel from North to South by embracing the sand, sea and the sun!

Une Course Internationale de Jet  ski Afin D’inaugurer le Lebanon Water Festival 2014 L’Orient Le Jour

Le Lebanon Water Festival va lancer son édition 2014 ce dimanche 10 août à la baie de Hayali, à Jounieh, avec une compétition internationale de Jet-Ski.

Live Love LebanonLe Blog De Chanty

This is the third season of the Lebanese Water Festival, and it’s gonna be an eight-week series of activities and seaside shows highlighting the country’s wealth of water sports.

Lebanon Water Festival, des animations pendant deux mois AgendaAgenda Culturel

Lebanon Water Festival 2014 EditionBeiruter



2013 Coverage

Au Lebanon Water Festival, les sports nautiques se professionalisent –   L’Orient Le Jour

Au terme d’un mois d’épreuves nautiques, le Lebanon Water Festival s’est terminé dimanche par une compétition d’apnée au « Blue Hole », entre Enfeh et Dbayeh, une crevasse sous-marine de plus de 80 mètres de profondeur. 

 Lebanon Water Festival Makes a Splash The Daily Star

The countrywide water sports event, Lebanon Water Festival, will get local and international enthusiasts diving, surfing, skiing and sailing starting Sept. 3.

Le Monde aquatique au coeur de Lebanon Water FestivalAgenda Culturel 

Première édition du Lebanon Water festival. L’occasion de promouvoir les sports nautiques mais aussi d’appeler à la protection de la méditerranée. 

Lebanon Water Festival Encourages Youth to Practice Water SportsAl Shorfa

The Lebanese coastline is this month playing host to a one-of-a-kind sporting event called the Lebanon Water Festival, which runs September 6th-28th.

Le Lebanon Water Festival De l’eau Pour Calmer Les TensionsL’HEBDO Magazine

In 2012, le festival a attiré plus de 14 000 personnes sur les sites. Depuis, nous continuons de recevoir de nombreux messages et demandes pour des leçons ou des entraînements dans divers sports aquatiques», explique Annette Khoury, cofondatrice, avec son père Simon, de l’association qui organise le festival.

10 Questions for the Lebanon Water Festival – NOW Lebanon

Lebanon Water Festival, A Tribute to the

Lebanon Water Festival opens its first edition – LBCI

Coastal Festival Rekindles Lebanon’s Love of Water Sports – The Daily Star

Lebanon Water Festival, un bel hommage au littoralL’Orient Le Jour

20 days of Lebanon Water