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Lebanon Water Festival is a Non Profit Organization.

Do something positive for your country and gain professional experience on your CV .

Get involved and write to us on Facebook: Lebanon Water Festival ( link at bottom of page) or at . Let us know what your interests are and we will find a place for you!

There are three levels of objectives:

1.Short term:

  • Revive Leisure Water Sport and the Lebanese Water front from North to South
  • Increase Lebanese participation in water sport
  • Provide Youth with sport activities that are both entertaining and healthy
  • Gradual growth, within the financial parameters of our country

2. Mid Term

  • Grow New tourism
  • Increase Lebanon’s appeal and tourism via Water Sport
  • Help evolve infrastructure and professionalism in Lebanon around water sport

3. Long Term Objective:

  • Environmental : De-pollution of the Mediterranean Sea
  • Raise awareness among Lebanese on the importance of protecting their Sea
  • Engage NGO’s working on sea and beach protection to activate communication

This event is a grass-root event, created by Lebanese for Lebanese, and is structured in such a way that it can grow with everyone’s involvement, independent of the original creators!

The budget has been purposely set low to remain at a level that does not compete with other important funding for the country, and can organically grow over the years.


Write to

Please provide us with your age, past volunteer, work, education experiences, areas of interests and how you would like to get involved. There is room for everyone!

There are various elements to this event:

Within each section there are many positions available from managerial to an assistant level.









1/ SPORT ORGANIZATION : positions are available to work with all or a selection of events throughout the festival based on personal interest. Once we receive your information and requests we may discuss the positions best suited to you.

2/ NGO RELATIONS: involves coordination and promotion of other NGO’s and implementations on site.

3/ EVENT MANAGEMENT: this entails all aspects from the press conference, to the on-site public preparation and communication, management of VIP sections, identity display, coordination with on site, award ceremonies, and will also cover food and beverage.

4/ MARKETING: covers all communication tools, identity, relationship with partners, and initiatives for growth.

5/ MEDIA: covers, all media, including social media. TV, press, and social media. Languages required, English, French, and Arabic.

6/ INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS: deals with relationships with international bodies involved in the festival.