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water ski       SKI PASSION


With the Ski Passion Water Ski Club and the Lebanon Water Festival you can enjoy special rates for Water Ski classes.
If you have never skied before, we can teach you, it is really easy, especially given that we are equipped with dedicated equipment that makes skiing a breeze!
However if you want to learn something new, we can teach you Wake board, Wake surf, and Barefoot .


Pro skiers, Tarek Fenianos and Nino Fenianos.

Special Lebanon Water Festival Rate

20 dollars per ski run
Packages available upon request

After registering, you will receive from us an email containing the payment details and your start date for your training.

Payments will be made on site at the training site.

How to register:( several options)

1/ Write a message on Facebook :Lebanon Water Festival ( link at bottom of page)

2/ To inquire or book call Tarek on 03312 315 or Vanda Hotel, Mrs Samira Haddad on 03 275 882 for more information .

3/ Send an email to organization@lebanonwaterfestival.com.

4/Or in one click 
Registration Form:

Event Name


Family Name

Date of Birth

Mobile number

Telephone number

Emergency contact name

Emergency phone number

Home address

Email - Please use a valid email address

Name of your health insurance

Policy Number

- Have you water skied before?

- Approximate number of hours?

- Where?

- Do you have your own skies?

- For how many days of training would you like to sign up?

- Would you also like to learn how to ski in a water ski show?

- What interests you the most in the training?

Other? Please specify

- At which training session would you like to come?

that Lebanon Water Festival Organization do not bear any liability in case of accident. I agree that I have a valid medical insurance and that safety measures are to be respected at all times.