REGISTRATION FOR International Jet Ski Competition

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Event Name


Family Name

that I am above 18 years of age

Date of Birth


Blood type

Mobile number

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Emergency contact name

Emergency phone number

Home address

Email - Please use a valid email to receive registration confirmation and payment details

Name of your health insurance

Policy Number

that I own a jet ski

- What is the brand and model of your jet ski?

that I have a jet ski license
Attach a copy of your license:

- Are you a member of the National Jet Ski Federation?

- Have you participated in previous jet ski competitions?

I confirm that payment for the competition will be made prior to the event at:

- Are you are arriving from outside Lebanon?

- From which city will you be arriving?

- What is your approximate date of arrival?

that I have read all the material and the rules and regulations mentioned above.

that Lebanon Water Festival Organization do not bear any liability in case of accident. I confirm that I have a valid medical insurance and that safety measures are to be respected at all times.