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Optimist Sailing Lessons – Batroun LYC Sailing Club

Lebanon Water Festival and Batroun LYC sailing Club to follow last year’s success in the creation of the Optimist Sailing club in Lebanon. Optimist sailing boats are the officially approved International Federation. Learning and training on these sailing boats will give athletes the opportunity to enter international competitions.

Batroun LYC  Sailing Club is an official registered Sailing Club in the Lebanese Yachting Federation. With experienced instructors and all equipment provided onsite, they are offering training and sailing experience to youths. All regular participants will have the opportunity to compete in the Optimiste sailing regatta the  15th of August.



Beginning in June a summer training camp is offered Monday -Friday 9am -2pm.


Batroun LYC Sailing Club: Thoum, seaside Road


From 8-16 years old

Course Days:

Courses have started as of end of May 2015.

Groups of 6/8, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 9 am to 1 pm.


All experienced and qualified up to international standards and will set up the triangle safety zone required by international federation rules.

Where to register:

Batroun LYC Sailing Club during regular office hours or wrote an email to organisation@lebanonwaterfestival.com.

Who to Contact:

Captain Jean Louis Zabal Rodriguez, Official Skipper and Sailing manager at jl_sails@hotmail.com or by telephone at +9613327803.