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International Night Water Ski Show  – Tyr

If you missed the shows in Tyr since 2012 , don’t miss the NIGHT WATER SKI SHOW that will be taking place in TYR this year.

With Fireworks and pro skiers on Saturday the 8th of September!

You will witness an amazing show, which will give you goose bumps, and you will never forget it! Last year in Tyr it gathered thousands of people, cheering and clapping! See how skiing and fireworks make an incredible pair!

The night show will be composed of only experienced international skiers. Jeremy, also known as the air chair professional Joe, who’s nickname is Animal…you will find out why! Mark, the super star of kite flying! Gerry, our dear team builder and team leader Jamie…. who can almost walk on water! When you watch him barefoot you will want to do it yourself! Kelly and Shauna our graceful ballet and swivel skiers. You should know that their foot holder turns 360 degrees, which means they can fall any moment if not 100 percent in control! Yet they will show you how practice gives them grace and control.

So come and enjoy the show! They are all renowned international skiers who have won several medals, and entered a number of competitions, winning either in swivel skiing, wake board skiing, air chair, slalom. They make it all look so easy! As they fly into the air over the jump, lift themselves up into a pyramid, and the clown, he looks like he does not know what he is doing! However, don’t be fooled because you have to be a very strong skier in order to stop on the edge of the jump, to turn around the boat while still holding on to the rope!

Schedule: – Night show: 8th of August at 
6.30:00 PM  | in the bay next to the Rest House, Tyr Open to the public!