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SHOW #LebaneseCare!

Show #LebaneseCare and join in with Lebanon Water Festival and many other associations around the world for the
World Cleanup Day on 21st September 2019.

Rendez-vous at your local beach with one trash bag and gloves, cleanups are held all along the coast from North to South – see addresses below.

Let us know if you want to join in

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How many are you?

What location you choose, along the coast?

Where to go if you want to take part? 

Volunteers can go to their favorite beach and bring gloves and bags and clean up their beach with their friends.

You can also hook up to existing clean ups ( see list below) that will be taking place all week and help out:

JIYEH- Ahmad Farhat tel 76900322

JOUNIEH – Narcosis: Antoine Abou Jaoude tel 03436887  antoine_aboujaoude@hotmail.com

TABARJA – C-Club Scuba Diving Center: Antoine g. Dayekh tel 03345772  antoinegdayekh@gmail.com

BATROUN – Colonel : Anthony Badawi tel 76338 762

BATROUN- SUP participants in the National Race will create a contest where as who will pick up the most garbage fro the sea. Contact Jad Ghosn tel 76320627

TRIPOLI – Freediving Lebanon: Rachid Zock tel 76786045  info@freedivelebanon.com

Do take pictures or videos and #lebanesecare and #lebwf so they can be sent to the World Association driving these events, this way we can hope for more involvement in the future.

You can also post the images that are shared on social media through Lebanon water festival or write to lebanonwaterfestival@gmail.com

What to bring with you

– Hat
– Thick Gloves to protect your hands
– Garbage bags
– Your phone for pictures! #LebaneseCare