Laury Thilleman: From Miss to Sports Reporter

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The world first discovered Laury Thilleman when she became Miss France in 2011. After her reign, her boundless passion for sports and media, pushed her to start a career in television. Today, she is an accomplished sports reporter for Eurosport who spends her time covering the most prestigious sports competitions in the world. She will be in Lebanon on the 27th of July to participate and cover the Lebanon Water Festival as well as discover the Lebanese culture.

How important is sport in your life?Sport is my number one hobby. I am always looking to try new extreme sports and have new sensations.

What are your favourite sports? Do you have a hidden talent? I love surfing and wakeboarding. My dream is to do a free fall!

Why did you choose to become a sports journalist? Being a sports reporter is a passion. I’m curious of every sport and I consider sports champions to be heroes!

How has your experience as Miss France prepared you to your journalistic career?Being Miss France trained me to talking and expressing my point of view in front of the camera. I had the chance to meet a lot of famous sport journalists who helped me find my way in that job. But they are no secrets. Work is the only way to success!

When you started your career as a reporter, did people have preconceived ideas about you linked to the fact that you had been Miss France? Did you have to prove yourself? Yes, at the begging, but after four years in that world, people now consider me as a real journalist because I proved myself.

What is the most challenging part of your job? To be good and precise in every sport.

Is it your first time in the Middle East and in Lebanon? Are you excited to come to Lebanon? Yes, it’s my first time there and I am really excited and curious to discover it… especially the local food!

What do you know about Lebanon and what are you looking forward to do/experience here? I know “FALAFELS”, which I love! I’m also excited to discover local spots and surf Lebanon’s waves!