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Welcome to the Lebanon Water Festival Underwater Photography Contest 2018, taking place for the first time in Sarafand, South Lebanon . The Contest will be open to international and national divers and will follow international rules and regulations. The Underwater Photography Contest is divided into three categories for both men and women combined: best ruins, macro, and wide angle. It will run over the course of  two days: Saturday 15th September 2018 and Sunday 16th  September 2018. Contestants will provide the jury with their selected images on Saturday evening and Sunday beofre lunch. Jury deliberation will be divided in two parts: Sunday morning for two groups of images and Sunday after lunch for the last group of images. The award ceremony will be held Sunday 16 September at sunset.


Saturday 15 September, 2018: Meet at Hotel Mounes by the fishermen’s port
– 8:00 am final registration and briefing at Hotel Mounes
– 10:00 to 11:00 pm dive
– 1:00 – 3:00 pm dive
– 5:00 pm provide the jury with your selected images from your two dives
Sunday 16 September, 2018: Meet at Hotel Mounes by the fishermen’s port
– 8:00 am – 11:00 pm third dive 
– 12:00 pm provide jury with selected images of third dive
– 1:00 pm final selection for jury
– 2:00 – 3:30 pm jury selection and awards
– 5:00 pm award ceremony

How to register

Participants should register  by :

  • filling in the registration form at the bottom of the page
  • or sending an email to,
  • or through Sarafand municipality
  • or through one of the scuba and freediving clubs (see list below). Please read the Underwater Photography Rules and Regulations carefully before registration.


Narcosis: Antoine Abou Jaoude tel 03436887

C-Club Scuba Diving Center: Antoine g. Dayekh tel 03345772

Aliens International Diving Academy: Ali Samir El Mokdad tel 03798313

Sidon Diving Academy : Mohamed Sarji   tel 03665489


Freediving Lebanon: Rachid Zock tel 76786045

Apneas Ninjas Lebanon: Mohamad Ghali tel 03053957

Onesub ( freediving factory): Marwan Hariri tel 71220298

Aquadeep: Mohamad Ali Ibrahim tel 03050710

XTDiving Pro Lebanon: Maurice Abou Saad tel 03380636

Accommodation & Expenses

The participants will be given special rates to stay at the 3-stars Mounes Hotel in Sarafand. LebWF will provide boats for diving sites, bottles, compressed air, the installation without any entry fee, however participants are responsible for their meals.

What to bring with you

– Your diving gear: diving suit, scuba, regulator, mask, fins, tube, BCD (equipment can be rented)
– Camera: go pro accepted
– A minimum of 2 memory cards: All memory cards have to be empty prior the competition
– Computer: recommended if you wish to save your pictures – the jury will clear the memory cards before each dive
– Cable to download images

Registration Form

IF THE FORM DOES NOT SEND PLEASE FILL IN USING xxx or 000 where needed and SEND in

Event Name


Family Name

that I am above 18 years of age

Date of Birth


Mobile number

Telephone number

Emergency contact name

Emergency phone number

Home address

Email - Please use a valid email to receive registration confirmation and payment details

Name of your health insurance

Policy Number

that I have a diving license
Attach a copy of your diving license:

- Will your diving buddy be with you?

Make sure your diving buddy also fills this form.

Name and family name of my buddy

- Are you are arriving from outside Lebanon?

- From which city will you be arriving?

- What is your approximate date of arrival?

- I plan to take part in:

that I have read all the material and the rules and regulations mentioned above.

that Lebanon Water Festival Organization do not bear any liability in case of accident. I confirm that I have a valid medical insurance and that safety measures are to be respected at all times.